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Entrevista a Quiliro Ordoñez -presidente de la Asociación de Software Libre de Ecuador- y al menda, emitida en las noticias del Canal Uno en Ecuador, el domingo 15 de Abril de 2012.

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Entrevista a Ramiro Castillo -director de SasLibre- y a un servidor en Palabra Suelta, emitido el 12 de Abril de 2012 en EcuadorTV y presentado por Xavier Lasso.

Descargar en webm [444MB]. El vídeo puede verse también aquí.

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De sur a norte: Quiliro, Ana Lucía, servidor, Cristobal, Edgar y Ramiro.

Two announcements for today: first, this weblog will for now on be in English. Maybe I will write more often this way... The second one is far more important, as today I started working at Activity Central. AC is an US based company which provides free software support and development for OLPC deployments and the Sugar learning platform in countries around the globe -currently Uruguay, Afghanistan and Australia.

Activity Central

I'm joining the team as Chief Technology Officer, and I'm very excited about it. It will be an opportunity to work with extraordinary hackers and to help development countries by extending free software in schools. The main services AC provides are built on top of Sugar, and both TOAST and Trisquel are in the interests of the company, so don't worry fellow Trisquelers as this will not drag me away from my duty (besides, it is a part time job, so it will help sustain the distro).