Fecha de realización: 2010:10:03 14:31:22 - Velocidad de obturación: 1/100s - Diafragma: f2.8 - Zoom: mm
  • Empresa: ATSA - Automoviles de Tuy, S.A.
  • CNAE: 60.- Transporte terrestre; Transporte por tuberías.

Jesús de Nazareth (5 A.C. – 30 A.D.), también conocido como Jesucristo o Jesús...

-- Wikipedia

rms's thong

Just $12 here. 100% cotton.

I doubt very many women would want to wear that.
But if anyone does, it means I can now proudly proclaim that I got into their pants but didn't feel anything.

-- rms' comment on the thong.

Meta WTF

Leche materna con sabor a bacon. $19.99! Only in America!


-- Compilando gnome-menus

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