Curriculum vitae

Current Projects:

  • Trisquel
    • Founder and lead developer
  • GNU
    • GNU IceCat co-maintainer
    • GNU LibreJS co-maintainer
  • SugarLabs
    • TOAST project maintainer
  • Stereopsis
    • Free software vision therapy system

Previous projects and events:



  • Talks at international conferences:
    • Congreso Internacional de Software Libre de Zacatecas, México
    • SeaGL



  • Talks at international conferences:
    • LibrePlanet, MIT, Boston, MA
    • OpenEdJam, San Antonio, TX



  • Joined the Activity Central company, where I served as CTO for 2 years. Under this role I directed the technical development of the operating systems used in the Uruguayan educational free software deployment (Plan Ceibal).
  • Talks at international conferences:
    • Northeast GNU/Linux festival, Worcester State University MA
    • LibrePlanet, University of Massachusetts, Boston MA
    • III Congreso Internacional Itinerante de Software Libre, Quito, Ecuador
    • and EduJAM!!, Montevideo, Uruguay


  • Developed TOAST, a Sugar based operating system for use in non-OLPC machines. Participated in the Sugar Camp Lima in where TOAST was used, and helped jumpstart the Sugar translation project to Quechua and Aymara.
  • Talks at international conferences:
    • Congreso Internacional de Software Libre de Zacatecas, México


  • BSc in Computer Sciences at the University of Vigo.
  • Founded a non-profit association to back the development of the Trisquel project, served as president since.


  • Developed a free software management tool for meat industries "Explica (07SIN011CT)" in collaboration with the "Meat Technology Center" research facility (CTC).
  • Run a research study for the IT needs of Galician agricultural cooperatives, in collaboration with Agaca (IN830A).


  • Launched the startup "Sognus SLU", where I served as CEO for 3 years.


  • Founder member of AGASOL, Galician association of Free Software companies.
  • Developed the online services for PTGAL, Galician agroalimentary technology platform.


  • Developed the R&D projects "Trisquel GNU/Linux (INOU06)" and "Trisquel PYME (IN520A/2006-646)" to make a free operating system for business users.
  • Developed a free software traceability tool for the meat industry "AXILICE (AF30.2006.1.9)" in collaboration with the "Meat Technology Center" research facility (CTC).


  • Launched the startup "Imagos 2005" in which I served as CTO for 3 years.


  • Started the Trisquel GNU/Linux project
  • Developed the distributed computer cluster Tomcat@politecnico (research code INOU05), a hybrid OpenMosix+Beowulf designed to teach parallel computing at the Computer Sciences school of the University of Vigo (ESEI).


  • Developed the web site for the Sciences faculty of the University of Vigo (FCOU), including the "FCOU Virtual" e-learning platform, used to teach the faculty's masters courses for the next 5 years.
  • Founder member of the GNU/Linux user group of Ourense (GULO)
  • Administered the campus dorms network and servers
  • Administered the Electronic journal of environmental, agricultural and food chemistry server
  • Implemented and Administered the Sciences Faculty email servers