Fecha de realización: 2016:04:07 03:39:03 - Velocidad de obturación: 3/1s - Diafragma: f5 - Zoom: 52mm
Fecha de realización: 2016:02:05 16:48:00 - Velocidad de obturación: 34.7/10000s - Diafragma: f2.4 - Zoom: mm

This is a recording I took -using a webcam- of the talk I gave at LibrePlanet 2015. The last question is missing. A better quality recording will be uploaded by the conference organizers to http://media.libreplanet.org. The document is licensed under Creative Commons Share Alike - Attribution - Non Derivs. I use non-deriv licenses for works that include my personal opinions.

Thanks again to FSF for bringing me to the conference with a scholarship, and to the donors that made that possible! Also thanks to ThinkPenguin for providing the accomodation.

LibrePlanet conference, Sunday March 24th of 2013, Harvard university.

Fecha de realización: 2012:08:11 16:57:55 - Velocidad de obturación: 1/250s - Diafragma: f8 - Zoom: 90mm